Rishav Kumar

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In 2023, I proudly earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Arizona State University. This journey was filled with academic achievements and personal growth. It was not just about acquiring technical skills but also about building valuable relationships with peers and mentors. As I embark on the next chapter of my career, I carry with me the knowledge and experiences gained during my university years. I'm excited to apply this knowledge to real-world challenges and make a meaningful impact in the field of technology.

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Rishav Playing Guitar

About Me

Hi! I'm Rishav Kumar, a Master's student in Computer Science at Arizona State University. My professional journey has spanned roles from Systems Engineer Intern at Visa to IT support at ASU, each enriching my skills in technology. I've also developed diverse projects like a Hospital Management System and a Hosting Checker tool.

Outside of tech, I'm an avid guitar player, finding joy in music's creative expression. I believe in balancing life with hobbies like music and movies to fuel creativity and innovation. Always open to new connections and collaborations, let's create something amazing together!